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THE 1%


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All Ages | Mondays 5-6p
Apr 25th - May 16th

Our "THE 1%" Training program is just that!..It is for the 1% of athletes that want to put in the extra work to achieve GREATNESS!

This is accomplished through our rigorous training using state-of-the-art equipment and infused with a high intensity, high energy environment!

  • Vertimax System - Station #1
  • Senaptec Sensory Station - Station #2
  • Senaptec Strobe Eyewear - Station #3
  • Blazepod Speed & Agility - Station #4
  • Series will run in 4-week increments, sessions will be 1hr and capped at 18 players per series. Players will rotate through stations over the hour and will conclude in game like drills optimizing their training in the session.

    $150 for the 4-week session

    All Ages | Mondays 5-6p for 4 weeks

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    **This training is additional and not included for Grindstone Members**


    VertiMax provides one of the best volleyball training equipment for building vertical jump power, creating better landing control, and improving the ability to change direction with speed.  Vertical jump, speed, agility and control are extremely important for all volleyball players.  Being able to jump higher is a huge advantage on the court when on both the offensive and defensive side of the net.  Besides vertical jump exercises on the VertiMax V8 platform, there are many volleyball speed and agility drills available as an extension off the platform that can take a volleyball player to the next level with quickness on the court and overall fitness. .  See the video  Why VertiMax is the best Volleyball Training Equipment to increase jump and defense skills. 


    Your senses dominate your ability to control movement and responsiveness. With 80% of the brain dedicated to sensory processing, improving your senses dramatically impacts both quality of life and overall performance.

    The Senaptec Sensory Station is the world’s only complete sensory performance assessment and training solution with comprehensive cloud-based data and analytics. This one solution promotes brain health to maximize performance and improve vision, focus, and mobility for people at all stages in life. In less than 25 minutes, 10 visual and sensorimotor skills are assessed to quickly show an individual’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

    After the assessment, the Senaptec Sensory Station automatically creates a training plan by selecting from the 14 training modules and other Senaptec sensory tools to provide the most improvement. All performance results are encrypted in a secure database accessed by all your Senaptec training devices making it easy to keep track of progress. As your skills improve, the training modules adjust automatically to remain challenging and promote continuous improvement.


    The Senaptec Strobe training eyewear is designed to help you process vision faster and more efficiently. This provides a unique edge for athletes to perform at a higher level more consistently and with better decision making. Most athletes notice improvement after one 15-minute session. As the lenses flicker on and off, it is harder to process information, which helps the brain focus on visual tasks. The resulting heightened vision capability can improve one’s eye-hand coordination, movement, balance, and reaction time.

    Strobe Training Can Improve:

    Focus - Keeping the eyes on the ball through completion of a task

    Timing - Accurate and precise reaction timing

    Visualization - Tracking of objects in the mind’s eye

    Quickness - Quick and accurate execution of a movement

    Peripheral Vision - Awareness of your surroundings

    Balance - Ability to keep your body in a stable position


    Blazepod adds an element of fun, excitement and challenge to our facility, for our junior athletes. They make a great addition to any workout, by incorporating agility, cognitive awareness, sports performance, cardiovascular challenges, and allowing players to leave with a smile on their face.