Running a travel club sports organization isn't just a lot of work, it is a complicated and expensive operation. RVC has to budget and pay for tournaments, our facility, gear, travel, coaching stipends, insurance, and administration costs (just to name a few). If a player drops from the team, none of these costs change. The Club still has to pay the same amount, but our revenue drops by 1/10th.

Parents’ point of view is understandable. If a player leaves the team mid-season, parents want to be refunded the team fees they’ve paid for the remainder of the season. They feel like they’re being asked to pay for something they’re no longer getting.

The money that you're paying as a parent isn't just for your child, it's for the team as a whole to be able to function. In order for teams to exist, we have a strict NO REFUND policy.

We currently offer 3 payment plan options, our most popular option is our "Flex Option" and 88% of our families choose this option to pay for their players Club Fees. We offer this monthly option to cover costs throughout the season rather than charging for everything up front.

When a player leaves the team, parents don’t keep making the monthly payments since their child is no longer playing, leaving the Club at a loss. When this happens and a player leaves, RVC does not pass the cost onto the rest of the team and does not increase the cost of club fees, or travel trips to make up for the loss.

Refund Policy: All services rendered by RVC are provided on a non-refundable basis. All payments made to RVC become completely non refundable.

COVID-19 Related Exception Refund Policy:


In response to COVID-19 and the unprecedented impact it has had on the world and specifically as it pertains to youth sports we have created our COVID-19 Refund Policy. These uncharted waters has created a new issue of having to deal with the reality of refunds, it can be a friction point between the Club and Parents. Each side has its own perspective, and they both make sense.

Given the fluidity of the COVID-19 situation it is an extreme challenge to create a comprehensive refund policy when the future is so uncertain, ever changing and out of everyone's control. While it's hard to speculate what the future holds we are hopeful that we can begin and end the season without interruption, however we have tried to plan for some potential scenarios and while some of our policies address some unlikely circumstances there are some that are a very real possibility. We instituted our refund policy with our RVC Family in mind as well as RVC remaining viable for years to come. While some may not agree with our refund policy it's important to remember that just like our RVC Families we too have financial obligations, from our lease, paying our coaching staff, to the increase of cost of PPE and sanitation products. We thank you for your patronage and are believing for a great season ahead but in the event that life stops again we have you in mind.

All aspects and scenarios of refunds that pertain to COVID-19 related cancellations and closures are ONLY applicable to players accounts that are current and in good standing. The cost of the uniform package is not refundable. Refunds will only be issued in the event that RVC is mandated by either local, state, or federal officials to cease operation due to COVID-19 exclusively. In the event that RVC is required to close and cease operation, refunds will be issued according to our refund policies listed below.


If a complete shut down is required and mandated by local, state, or federal officials the percentage of refund will be dependent upon the date that the shutdown is issued. The definition of a complete shut down as it pertains to our refund policy is as follows; Access to the facility is prohibited by law, and or restrictions in place would not permit volleyball related training in any practical manner.

The percentage that is eligible for a refund is contingent on the date that the shut down occurs in accordance with the REFUND TABLE below. If a complete shut down occurs after the tenth of the month then the percentage of the refund would be in accordance with the following month.

Example: Shut down is effective Dec. 8th, 82% of monies paid will be refunded, if Shut down occurs after Dec 10th then 71% of monies will be refunded.


This table is for the percentage of refund that will be issued in the event of a COVID-19 complete shut down as it pertains to refund policy above.

The reason for the substantial gap of refund available between January and February is due to the fact that if play was to stop as of Feb. 1st, players would've participated in a minimum of 2-3 events and our Club costs increase drastically once the season begins from team entry fees, paying coaches as well as continual admin costs.

Date when shut down occurs

Eligible percentage of refund of monies paid

July 1st - 10th

  • 99%
  • July 11th - August 10th

  • 99%
  • August 11th - September 10th

  • 99%
  • September 11th - October 10th

  • 99%
  • October 11th - November 10th

  • 99%
  • November 11th - December 10th

  • 82%
  • December 11th - January 10th

  • 71%
  • January 11th - February 10th

  • 40%
  • February 11th - March 10th

  • 10%
  • March 11th - April 10th

  • 3%
  • April 11th - end of season

  • 1%

    In the event that there is a temporary shut down and RVC is not open for operation, and then is able to return to play at a later date with-in the season the following policy will take effect.

    In the event a temporary shut down takes place and then restrictions are lifted at a later date, allowing return to play, all club obligations and fees will resume at a percentage of the original amount of Club Fees minus the uniform package. A refund will be issued as applicable and according to the date that the shut down occurs (refer to complete shut down w/o return to play refund table). Original Club Fees will be calculated according to the payment plan the member is enrolled in. Accounts will be required to be brought current in order for players to return to play. Please refer to the REFUND TABLE for COMPLETE SHUT DOWN w/RETURN TO PLAY percentages.

    Example #1: Member's Original Club Fees are $3515 and member is enrolled in the Flex Payment Option which includes a $95 processing fee, the original club fee calculation would be $3610 not $3515. A complete shut down occurs Dec. 8th, a refund of 82% of monies paid will be issued back to member. In this scenario with the member on the Flex Payment Plan they would've paid a total of $1968 up to this point, resulting in a refund back to the member of $1613.76. During the shut down payments would be suspended and credit cards not charged. Then return to play resumes Feb. 1st, resulting in a loss of 60 days of no play. 66% of the original club fees ($3610) are required to be paid by Mar. 15th = $2382.60. The discounted balance will be spread out evenly over the number of installments remaining till Mar. 15th.

  • Club Fees = $3515 + $95 processing fee = Original Club Fee calculation $3610
  • Shut down occurs Dec. 8th resulting in a 82% refund back to member = $1613.76
  • No fees are charged during shut down
  • Return to play resumes Feb. 1st resulting in 60 days of no play
  • 66% of original club fee calculation required to return to play = $2382.60
  • Installment of $1191.30 due Feb. 1st and is required for player to return to play
  • Installment and balance of $1191.30 due Mar. 15th
  • Member is paid in full and player finishes out the season and ending in either the end of April or June

    This table is for the percentage of refund that will be issued in the event of a COVID-19 complete shut down with a return to play as it pertains to refund policy above.

    Days Shut Down beginning Nov. 1st

    Percentage of Club Fees Due to return to play

    Return to play after 30 Day Shut Down

    83% of original club fees due

    Return to play after 60 Day Shut Down

    66% of original club fees due

    Return to play after 90 Day Shut Down

    49% of original club fees due

    Return to play after 120 Day Shut Down

    32% of original club fees due

    Return to play after 150 Day Shut Down

    17% of original club fees due


    If RVC is able to remain in operation and provide training to athletes but is unable to attend Powers or other events due to cancellation for the sole purpose related to COVID-19 then only the team entry fee will be refunded in proportion to the number of players per team and the cost of the entry fee, provided that the tournament/event issues a refund to RVC for the entry fee. The percentage of refund for the month that the event falls in would NOT be refunded IF RVC is still able to operate according to local, state, and federal guidelines.

    Example: Tournament in February is cancelled and team entry fee is $895 and the team consists of 10 players, each player would be refunded $89.50 and if RVC is still able to operate, you would not receive the additional 40% refund for the cancellation of the tournament occurring in February.


    If a "Shut Down" occurs within 48hrs. prior to the date that an installment is scheduled to be charged the payment will not be charged and payments will be suspended until such time that RVC is able to resume operation. If the shut down occurs the same day as installment is scheduled to be processed and is charged then a refund will be issued.

    For those who sign up for our Grindstone program, and are enrolled in the monthly payment option and the program is interrupted and training is unable to take place then payments will be suspended and cancelled till training can resume. For those who enroll in the upfront option and receive the discount, a refund will be issued and prorated for time missed. This is ONLY applicable to accounts that are current and in good standing.