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To Resume!

Statement from RMR

We are very pleased to report that the RMR season is back underway!

Colorado  authorities are finalizing the most recent Public Health Order (PHO) as we speak, but we have been authorized to resume play next weekend!

Our spring season will open with the 20th rendition of one of our showcase events, the RMR SHOWDOWN, playing Saturday through Monday, Feb 13-15.   

This year, due to COVID restrictions, the three-day event will be played across the "metro" area, rather than in Greeley.  We do intend to return to Greeley and Island Grove Park next spring, though!

It is our intent to accept every team that has registered for the Showdown. We do ask you patience, however, as we work with the state (under the new PHO) to confirm the exact occupancy limits of the various sites that we'll use for the event. We'll release pool assignments just as soon as we can!

Last note: Please review the REVISED Power Series Calendar attached above. We've moved a couple of elements around, in an attempt to make up the events lost (this) weekend.  Your polite feedback is welcome...

We are so happy to say...    See you on court soon!



Revised Schedule as of 2/4. Please note some Powers for your team may fall on a Saturday

12s & 13s

  • Power 1 - Feb. 20th: Sat
  • Power 2 - Mar. 6th: Sat
  • Power 3 - Mar. 20th: Sat
  • RMR Classic - Apr. 3rd-4th: Sat-Sun
  • Power 4 - Apr. 10th: Sat
  • Power 5 - Apr. 24th: Sat
  • 14s

  • Power 2 - Feb. 27th: Sat
  • Power 4 - Mar. 21st: Sun
  • Power 3 - Mar. 27th: Sat *Rescheduled
  • RMR Classic - Apr. 3rd-4th: Sat-Sun
  • Power 5 - Apr. 17th: Sat
  • Power 1 - Apr. 25th: Sun *Rescheduled
  • 15s

  • Power 1 - Oct. 18th
  • Power 2 - Nov. 1st
  • Power 4 - Mar. 21st: Sun
  • RMR Classic - Apr. 3rd-4th: Sat-Sun
  • Power 3 - Apr. 25th: Sun
  • Power 5 - May 2nd: Sun

  • 16s & 17s

  • Power 1 - Oct. 25th
  • Power 2 - Nov. 8th
  • Power 3 - Feb. 21st: Sun
  • Power 4 - Mar. 7th: Sun
  • Power 5 - Mar. 28th: Sun
  • RMR Classic - Apr. 3rd-4th: Sat-Sun

  • 18s

  • Power 1 - Oct. 18th
  • Power 2 - Nov. 1st
  • Power 3 - Feb. 20th: Sat
  • Power 4 - Feb. 28th: Sun
  • Power 5 - Mar. 6th: Sat

  • 2020-2021


    Things look a little different this year ...

    Please keep in mind all info is subject to change and this is a living document, we will keep this page updated and notify you of any changes.


    RMR teams will be limited to 14 individuals

    This number has been arrived at by considering the most common county variance regulations that our teams will participate under. (The 175 occupancy limit of Level 1 Sites in the majority of counties we compete in) This team limit will serve all of the sites we participate in, despite varying state and county laws.

    Each team

    May be comprised of one or more certified Coaches, 13 or fewer rostered players. Total headcount maximum is always 14.

    No Spectators

    Until the COVID situation changes and state laws are relaxed, RMR events will operate with NO spectator access. This standard is to be applied at all venues, in the interest of treating all participants and their families, system wide, in the same fashion.


    All teams are required to enter as a single unit (14 persons all together).

    Tardy team members are subject to exclusion from the facility. In/out privileges are not guaranteed.

    All persons entering the facility will be temperature checked at entry.

    If an individual tests above 100.3, they may be re-tested once after 10 minutes, but will thereafter will be ineligible to enter for the day. A team reduced by this rule to less-than-six players may be allowed to play with 5. Teams without sufficient number of athletes for other reasons (forgot face mask, tardy, etc.) will not be offered this waiver. No team will be allowed to compete with less than 5 rostered players.


    All persons must wear a face mask at all times

    While in venue both nose and mouth must be enclosed at all times. Players on court must wear masks. Officials and Coaches are asked to actively observe athletes for signs of physical stress related to the face-mask rule. Players may not wear hard plastic face shields, as they represent a safety hazard.

    Face masks may be lowered briefly to allow necessary drinking or eating.

    Teams who are “on lunch break” are encouraged to find a vacant area of the facility for that activity, to ensure the continued safety of other participants.

    Athletes with known pre-existing conditions (asthma, diabetes, etc.)

    Should be identified to the RMR during Team Registration. Tournament officials will be advised to monitor the health and safety of these individuals in particular, however these athletes are still subject to the same Covid safety laws as all other participants. Athletes who are so effected by personal health concern as to be further endangered by these safety constraints should, for their own safety and the safety of others around them, not engage in competition at this time.

    Coaches, Officials and Work Team Personnel

    In particularly close proximity to hard-working athletes. For this reason, Coaches, Officials and Work Team Personnel are absolutely required to wear masks at all times.


  • 1.Coin Toss : Referee at post will toss coin without conversation, for two captains who remain at attack lines
  • 2.At start of match, Referee invites teams to advance to attack line, from which they wave to opponent    
  • 3.No hand contact among opponents or work teams (shaking, slapping, high-five)
  • 4.Team benches should spread out to allow social distance among members
  • 5.Substitutes in warm up area may not “crowd forward” around line judges
  • 6.No switching: Teams will remain on one side for the entire match
  • 7.No coin toss for deciding set: Service simply continues to alternate
  • 8.No crossover set
  • 9.At end of match, all players and bench personnel “circulate” along their attack lines to wave goodbye


    Currently the furtherest we will travel outside the metro area will be as far north as Windsor and as far south as Colorado Springs


    We realize that this will be an incredibly challenging season and not one that any of us would hope for. We do ask that with all of the restrictions in place that we keep the KIDS as the primary focus. This means following all policy and protocols regardless of our personal opinions and views. We do not want the season to come to an abrupt end because of non-compliance or unruly spectators.

    We are all in the same boat so let's all do our best to be positive and focus on what we can do vs. what we can't. For those who are open to it, this could be the best and most enjoyable season yet!

    With the season taking place early it gives us a chance to hopefully enjoy some really nice weather this season. We recommend that your team pulls together and get creative to enjoy your time while at the venue for the day, this could include:

  • Tailgating - (Social distancing of course) This is a great way for everyone to get together and know each other. Some have already started planning to bring a TV to watch the matches since they will be streamed online so everyone can watch together. This will also help the time go by faster
  • WiFi - Scout out the area you'll be playing and find hot spots that provide free WiFi and hunker down for the day
  • Go it alone - Watch on your phone or tablet from the comfort of your car
  • Watch Party - Host a watch party at home. Most venues will be a 30-45min. drive, giving plenty of time to return home after dropping your player off and enjoying the day at home.
  • Keep in mind

    Food - Please be sure to pack plenty of food and water for your player. Prepare your player to have everything they need for the entire day with the thought of them remaining inside the facility from start to finish.

    Accommodations - Days will be long so plan accordingly for siblings and restroom needs.

    Be Respectful - Of each other and the venues we attend, be sure to cleanup after yourselves and do not leave any trash.