Things look a little different this year ...


18850 CLARKE RD. #600, PARKER 80134

Directions from I-25 

I-25 to Exit 193 (Lincoln Ave.) head East to Dransfeldt, turn and head South on Dransfeldt to Clarke Rd. turn left on Clarke Rd. and take 3rd driveway entrance and enter on West side of building

Directions from Parker Rd. (Highway 83)

Parker to Longs Way and turn West on Longs Way to Dransfeldt, turn and head South on Dransfeldt to Clarke Rd., turn left on Clarke Rd. and take 3rd driveway entrance and enter on West side of building


Our traffic flow and parking is extremely limited. Please be sure to follow our ONE WAY traffic.

All traffic must Enter on the WEST side of the building and Exit on the EAST side.

Please click on the link below to familiarize yourself with our traffic flow and where you can park.


We highly recommend utilizing our overflow parking for those who will remain in the area.

Vehicles parked in unauthorized areas will be towed at owners expense.


Due to new protocols this season, teams will need to enter together as a complete team. Upon entry temperatures will be taken and participants will be directed to their court.

Teams will enter on the east side of the building.


AM Wave Check-in 7:15am + Play begins at 8:00am
PM Wave Check-in 1:15pm + Play begins at 2:00pm

  • Organize your team prior to arrival and entry, we recommend designating a parent or coach as a point of contact who will be at the facility on time so parents can drop off their players and proceed to overflow parking to keep the flow of traffic moving.
  • Please do not approach the entrance until your team has arrived in full
  • Once teams arrive in full, please proceed to the main entrance with MASKS ON
  • Once inside player's temp will be taken and will be directed to designated area.
  • RVC Staff will let you know that your team has been checked in and players can start to warm up. Do not leave your designated area until RVC Staff has notified you that your team has been checked in.
  • Coaches must check out with Tournament Director before leaving
  • No Team Tables, players need to pack their lunch


    Please follow the rules! Please be respectful of volunteer and staff! Please Enjoy!

  • ALL spectators are to wear masks while inside the facility
  • Scan QR Code posted to sign-in online, QR code will be posted at East side entrance
  • You only need to sign-in ONCE for the entire day, not each time you enter the facility
  • One spectator per rostered athlete for entire day
  • Spectators will be allowed into the facility 5-10min. before play begins, temps will be taken
  • When spectator's team is either off or reffing, they are to exit the building immediately after play
  • Only spectators who's team is currently playing are to be in the facility
  • No Team Tables, players need to pack their lunch
  • Bring your own chair
  • QR Code below for this weekend

  • Sanitation

  • We have 5 touch free hand sanitizing stations located around the facility
  • Participants are encouraged to wash their hands or sanitize frequently throughout the day
  • Game balls will be sanitized with our UVC light between matches or disinfectant wipes
  • Masks

  • Masks are to be worn at all times by all participants and spectators

    Schedule and results are posted on:



    Courts will be streamed live on our YouTube channel.


    Courts will be streamed live on BallerTV.


    We realize that this will be an incredibly challenging season and not one that any of us would hope for. We do ask that with all of the restrictions in place that we keep the KIDS as the primary focus. This means following all policy and protocols regardless of our personal opinions and views. We do not want the season to come to an abrupt end because of non-compliance or unruly spectators.

    We are all in the same boat so let's all do our best to be positive and focus on what we can do vs. what we can't.

    Keep in mind

    Food - Please be sure to pack plenty of food and water for your player. Prepare your player to have everything they need for the entire day with the thought of them remaining inside the facility from start to finish.

    Accommodations - Days will be long so plan accordingly.