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No, the lower case "i" in GRiNDERS isn't a mistake, it signifies that while everyone is essential to the RVC Family, no single iNDiViDUAL is BiGGER or more important than the WHOLE.


Open to all ages 7-14


Must have achieved "GOLD" in our GRiNDERS Camp... Or 1 yr. of Competitive Club Experience

What to expect

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Enrollment in our GRiNDERS Program will provide a strong foundation with advanced skill development to equip players with the tools needed to reach the best version of themselves

Our Grinders Camp is perfect for beginners and those desiring to up their game. Our Camp runs year round and each series is made up of 6 x sessions and each session is 1.5hrs 1 x a week. Please be sure to refer to the calendar for sessions that are scheduled to fall on a Holiday.

Series will be a minimum of 6 weeks long with about a 2 to 3 week break between each. Players progress and move-up with each series as their skill development allows.

Ages 7-14

WORK. | Series Sep-Oct

GRIND. | Series Nov-Dec.

HUSTLE. | Series Jan-Feb

GRIT. | Series Mar-Apr

EFFORT. | Series May-Jun

RELENTLESS. | Series Jul-Aug

  • Series = Each 6 weeks is referred to as a "Series"
  • Series names = Work., Grind., Hustle., Grit., Effort., Relentless., are names for each 6 week Series vs. calling each one; Series 1, Series 2, etc.
  • Session = Each individual date of training is referred to as a session and is used primarily when communicating any schedule changes or updates.

GRiNDERS Program Director | Sydney Stark
720-238-2836 |