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In our Grinders Camp, players will receive sound instruction and working knowledge of each position.  Our instruction and implementation of the fundamentals will help provide the basis for the rest of their playing careers. 

Our Grinders Camp is perfect for beginners and those new to the game. Camp runs year round and each series is made up of 6 sessions and each session is 1.5 hrs. once a week. Please check the calendar as we will take weeks off if a Holiday falls on a scheduled day.

Most sessions will be a min. of 6 weeks long with about a 2-week break between each series. Players progress and move-up with each series as their skill development allows.

Ages 9-14

"WORK. | Series" Sep - Oct

"GRIND. | Series" Nov - Dec.

"HUSTLE. | Series" Jan - Feb

"GRIT. | Series" Mar - Apr

"EFFORT. | Series" May - Jun

"RELENTLESS. | Series" Jul - Aug