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The Grinders Rock League is a youth athletic initiative that's more than just a game - it's a comprehensive volleyball experience for young athletes looking to serve, set, and attack their way to success. Our league is specially designed to introduce the sport to newcomers and nurture the development of future volleyball stars.

We welcome players aged 7 and up, offering a friendly and thriving community where young athletes can harness their potential.

League Details

At the heart of our program lies our dedication to providing exceptional volleyball training that emphasizes technical prowess, personal growth, and team cohesion.

Our Commitment Includes:

  • Process over Outcome: We believe in a philosophy that prioritizes skill development and personal growth over merely winning games.
  • Year-Round Experience: New six-week sessions start continuously throughout the year, providing seamless volleyball action.
  • Tailored Coaching: Coaches deliver structured guidance using a consistent coaching language and approach, assuring a high-quality learning environment.
  • Assessments for Team Placement: Players are evaluated and placed on teams that match their skill level and developmental needs.
  • Positive Environment: The Rock League cultivates a positive atmosphere that values respect, discipline, responsibility, and cooperation.

Unique Features

  • Minimal Commitment: One practice a week plus two game-day matches
  • Affordable and Organized: Get an unbeatable experience with optimal organization.
  • Competitive Edge: A stepping stone for those aspiring to move onto more competitive club play.
  • Fantastic Facility: Train and play in a top-notch sports venue.

Registration Information

  • Who Can Join: Ages 7 and up who has a passion for volleyball or is looking to discover a new favorite sport.
  • Special Offer: Secure lifetime pricing on future registrations by signing up before May 15th!
  • Early Bird Pricing: $250 if you register before May 15th.
  • Standard Pricing: $300 after May 15th.

Join The Grinders Rock League today and start your volleyball journey with a smash! Whether you're testing the waters or preparing for competitive play, our doors are open to every young athlete wanting to leap higher, dig deeper, and grow stronger. For more information and to secure your spot at a fantastic rate, register now and be part of a league where champions are in the making!

Join the league that sets you up for a lifetime of success on and off the court.